IoT App Development: How IoT and Big Data Applications Will Revolutionize Industries

In the given blog, let's go into a deep understanding of how IoT app and Big Data are working in tandem to provide immense benefits to the organizations.


For the past few years, the working of business enterprises is disrupted by two new and powerful technologies known as the Internet of Things (IoT) & Big Data. By implementing the two given technologies, businesses are creating a cutting edge in this competitive market. 

Furthermore, the collaboration between IoT and Big Data is revamping the business procedure manifold and also helping to solve all their problems globally. What does it indicate? It shows that both of the technologies have now become an integral part of business organizations.

Although IoT app development and Big Data evolved in a different direction, yet with time, they have become inseparable. Why have they become so important part of the business? Because they help the manufacturers to enhance quality, decrease risks associated with the business, and devote less time to produce a product efficiently.

In the given blog, let’s go into a deep understanding of how IoT app and Big Data are working in tandem to provide immense benefits to the organizations.

Brief Summary of IoT & Big Data

Defining the Internet of Things

IoT is a concept of offering a wide network of connections of a physical object with the help of the internet. Taking industrial aspect into the consideration, IoT is a connected network that has come into the existence mainly to create room for mass production of physical goods and maintenance of its physical assets for the market.

Defining Big Data

Big Data consists of a large number of data (in the structured, unstructured form) to analyze and monitor them for creating a scope of business insights as per the latest trends. Also, they are playing a silent role in revolutionizing the progress of IoT across the globe. 

How Big Data & IoT Works Together?

For new IoT devices, it becomes difficult to handle and utilize the data. And for it to happen, one has to find out new software (& hardware). Fortunately, there is no better tool other than Big Data to collect information and provide great insight for making IoT devices function even better. 

Furthermore, IoT and Big Data can come together to offer a great benefit to the companies as they assist in examining the data, reveal new business trends, find those patterns that are still out of sight, and reveal any new and exciting information. Thus, every business segment can get access to some or other form of benefits.

Big Ways Collaboration of IoT & Big Data is Creating Wonders

There are several ways through which both IoT and Big Data helps in improving the working efficiencies of the industries. How? Then let’s go through the given measures:

  1. Significant Reduction in Operational Cost for Companies

Why are IoT application development companies getting a stand-up ovation from various industries? The answer is that they help in offering a great reduction in the expenditure for any sector.

Still can’t get? Then see the example such as the arrival of digital technology (digital assets and 3D representations) have become a key moderator in changing the functioning of the businesses.

Furthermore, the alignment with Big Data analytics technologies (like Hadoop) has made the storage of a large amount of data efficiently and effectively (in terms of cost). What’s more, the presence of real-time data analytics permits the businesses to detect and fix flaws, take note of the feedback, and make the whole process streamline. With this, the organizations can focus on working at a faster pace, avoid wastage of resources, and even enhances the company’s profit.

  1. Twin Technologies Create Platform for Better Business Intelligence 

What is business intelligence (BI)? It is a set of data tools that assist any business in the proper analysis of their respective industry. With the arrival of Big Data and IoT, business intelligence has gained high prominence as they help the company to surge towards the next level.

BI is implemented in a well-developed manner in Big Data to offer easy solutions for complex business problems. Business sectors like IT, healthcare, and many others try to get insight from BI to bring significant improvement in the fraud detection method. It can be done using clustering algorithms present in BI to focus more on identifying and flushing out flaws and other operational issues.

Besides, it also helps in proper evaluation and selection of vendors without which there is no business growth. It takes into account the delivery time, satisfaction rate of the client, and result in the success of the product. If the given software finds that everything is comfortable with the vendor, it generates green signals through IoT devices, and thus only an expert vendor is handed the job.

  1. Enhancing Business Insights & Customer Experience for Industries

For various industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, agriculture, and many more, it becomes essential to have a great connection among equipment. It can be possible by developing more data streams and the potential to gain much for business operations. In such a scenario, IoT application development with Big Data will create a wide difference.  

There is one thing that comes with IoT, called edge computing, where Big Data also plays a prominent role in designing products that offer a good customer experience. In this way, companies in different industrial sectors can work better to fulfill the needs of the customers.

So, IoT (even Big Data) helps in offering a better connecting medium with their customers that suits their convenience and helps companies to retain brand loyalty. As IoT reduces friction in buying factors, it benefits the customers in finding digital products easily.

In addition, both technologies also improve supply chain management by improving data analytics and find out the aspirations of the customers well and get better customer insight that will be a perfect combo to meet customers’ aspirations and achieve business profit comfortably.

  1. Rise of High Efficiency & Productivity Gains for the Business

To boost the efficiency and productivity of the business; the inclusion of IoT-based Big Data analysis cannot be ignored. Various industries, such as manufacturing can utilize the services of these technologies to track the movement and working of their employees.

For this to happen perfectly, IoT app solution comes with the novel idea of automation that utilizes several connected devices that will assist office management to control, monitor, and manage business operations and workers efficiently. With automation at the helm, employees are free of performing repetitive tasks and can focus more on the complex procedure to enhance their efficiency.

Moreover, Big Data also helps in cleansing of the stagnated productivity of any organization by collecting data about their efficiency and productivity. Afterward, it uses various automation tools like Hadoop to check and monitor their proficiency and apply numerous strategies to increase their output.

  1. Combat Financial Frauds through IoT & Big Data

Due to the recent pandemic because of COVID-19, most of the businesses have been functioning online. Although it has resulted in offering benefits to them manifold, yet it has also increased the risk of financial frauds. Yes, that’s true!

IoT system helps to ease the services of insurers by bringing innovative techniques to take them close to their customers without breaking their trust. IoT uses AI technology to identify vital stats present in automobiles through image recognition tools that assess the damage with no manual involvement. In addition, bots detect potential damages to offer real-time assessment through Big Data analytics, and thus enable instant policy assurance. 

Another notable example for the insurance industry comes in the form of Big Data that allows them to access data from varied resources to find out past information about their client (like criminal records, claim records, etc.). Its tools in combination with IoT, scrutinize the claim by studying the past information. If the given system found any suspicious information about the client, it will generate a red flag online to prompt the company for further investigation.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the gains that any organization can get when IoT and Big Data work together. Today, the world has become a digital platform where one has to remain aloof online to sustain them in the given cut-throat environment. In such a scenario, both the path-breaking technologies are creating a podium where each sector can perform in a better way. Furthermore, these technologies will go on developing highly innovative apps that will help in satisfying customer’s needs and also improve the profits for the companies.