Pandemic Panics: 51% Hike in Consumer Demand for Smart Home Devices


As the anxiety over the lethal infection appears to be not nearing an end, individuals locate their last retort to smart house devices. According to the most latest ai updates, research underpins the way that roughly 51% of shoppers are favoring IoT-empowered gadgets to deal with the pandemic.

With the new normal and social distancing norms, people are discovering new ways to live a smarter life. Adapting through challenging situations enables them to find devices that require the least human interactions. 

As per Xiaomi’s study and latest IoT news, more than approx 70% of individuals have made major alterations in their dwelling space. With the panic overpowering their mind, they have responded to these changes to minimalize human interferences. 

The latest IoT technology has been a major contributor in enabling people to adhere to smart home devices. Automated appliances like Bitdefender Box 2 secure against threats of hackers, malware, etc. Some opt for indoor and outdoor IoT-enabled wired camera, which works similar to Alexa and Apple HomeKit. 

Smart coffee brewer comes with an in-built Wi-Fi that allows user control to ace the coffee-making process. Such devices have led humans to build reduce physical contact and adapt to the new normal. As per the IoT news India, many households are transforming to the new-age technology to safeguard themselves. 

As the world fights the widely spreading virus, orders to remain at home to pause virus outbreak continues. While all wait for vaccines rolling out, humans find utilizing technologically advanced gadgets as the safety mechanism. 

As remote working prevails, there is an expectation of a paradigm shift to the use of IoT-enabled home appliances.  As the latest AI news suggests, the trend will continue to rule even after the pandemic gets over as life gets easier. People are loving the benefits of smart devices and transformation through IoT will be the new change!